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The tour operator service is provided by CALANDA REISEN with its own buses / minibuses or with an equivalent vehicle from a third party company.

All vehicles used are:

a) in possession of a regular vehicle licence;

b) equipped with a licence for the customary provisions;

c) equipped with regularly overhauled tachographs;

d) inspected annually in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Furthermore, the vehicles have an appropriate capacity in relation to the number of passengers and demonstrate perfect efficiency in terms of mechanics. This is confirmed by the corresponding documents of the annual vehicle inspections carried out by the Motor Vehicle Inspection.

All vehicles have the insurance cover required by law.

The vehicles are driven exclusively by drivers who are in possession of a driving licence required by law.



Your booking is binding for you. The travel contract between you and us is concluded with the unconditional acceptance of your written, telephone, electronic or personal registration. If the person making the booking makes reservations for other travellers, they are responsible for their contractual obligations (in particular payment of the travel price) in the same way as for their own obligations. For travel arrangements from other tour operators and airlines, which are merely arranged for you by the tour operator, their own contractual and travel conditions apply.

Our services are set out in the service description in the brochure or the travel advert. Special requests are only part of the contract if they have been confirmed in writing and without reservation by the booking office. Unless otherwise stated in the tour description, the services start from the place of departure.

Your payment: Upon receipt of the travel confirmation, a deposit per person is due for immediate payment. The balance must be received by your booking office no later than 30 days before departure. For bookings made at short notice, the full amount is payable at the time of booking. If the deposit or balance is not paid on time, we have the right to withdraw from the contract without compensation and to claim the cancellation costs.

Our prices are (unless otherwise stated) per person in Swiss francs.



Changes to the booking: In the event of a change of name, nomination of a substitute traveller, changes to the travel dates within the period of validity of the travel programme, booked ancillary services, the destination or the point of embarkation up to 31 days before the departure date, we charge a processing fee of CHF 60 per person, up to a maximum of CHF 120 per order.

Cancellations: If you cancel your trip before departure, we will charge a processing fee of CHF 60 per person, up to a maximum of CHF 120 per order. Processing fees are not covered by any cancellation insurance. Any cancellation fees or insurance premiums are non-refundable. Depending on the date of your cancellation or change, we must charge the following cancellation costs as a percentage of the total invoice amount in addition to the processing fee.

Cancellation costs for one-day coach trips: One-day coach tours cannot be cancelled, or in the event of a no-show, the paid tour price will not be refunded. Name changes are possible without incurring costs. A processing fee of CHF 20 per file will be charged for rebooking to another date.


Cancellation costs for all other coach tours

30 - 22 days before departure 10%

21 - 15 days before departure 30%

14 - 08 days before departure 60%

07 - 02 days before departure 80%

01 - 0 days before departure / no-show 100%


The date of receipt of your written notification by us or the booking office is decisive for calculating the deadlines; in the case of arrival at weekends or on public holidays, the next working day is decisive.

Replacement person: If you have to cancel the trip, you can provide a replacement traveller who will start the trip under the same conditions. If this substitute traveller enters into the contract, you and the substitute traveller are jointly and severally liable for payment of the entire travel price, the processing fee and any additional costs. The entry of a substitute traveller is permitted:

a) for journeys in Switzerland up to the start of the journey

b) when travelling in Europe and in countries without visa requirements up to 48 hours before the agreed departure.

Event tickets: Tickets for events, even if booked as part of a package arrangement, can no longer be cancelled and will be charged in full in the event of rebookings and cancellations, regardless of the time. If Calanda Reisen is able to resell the event tickets, only the processing fee will be charged. The invoice will be issued after the trip has been completed. Cancellation insurance covers the cost of tickets as soon as the booking has been confirmed by us.


Compulsory insurance cover is not included in our package prices and varies depending on the price or type of trip. It is only valid if the cancellation is due to illness, accident or death. If you already have your own cancellation or return travel insurance, you can waive this insurance when you make your booking.

Liability: Our liability insurance covers you as a person in the car during the journey in accordance with Swiss law. We are not liable outside the car.

Luggage: During the journey in the car, the luggage in the boot is insured. Otherwise there is no liability.

Extra return journey: Cover for such cases or other risks is the responsibility of the traveller. There is no liability on our part.



Depending on the country, Swiss citizens require a valid identity card, a valid passport or a visa for the trips (different regulations can be found in the respective trip description). Citizens of other countries should state their nationality at the time of booking and enquire at the relevant embassies. Travellers are responsible for complying with these regulations and for obtaining and carrying the necessary travel documents (such as passport, identity card, vaccination certificate, etc.). Please check that your travel documents are complete and correct before departure. If you are refused entry due to incorrect or missing documents, you will be liable for the return travel costs.

Places are allocated in the order in which registrations are received and are allocated for the entire duration of the trip. We expressly reserve the right to use vehicle types other than those advertised or vehicles from partner companies. If, for example, two cars are used for a trip, changes in the allocation of seats are possible. All trips are carried out with non-smoking cars.



Changes before contract conclusion: We expressly reserve the right to change brochure details, service descriptions and prices in the brochures and on the price lists prior to your booking. Should this be the case, your booking office will inform you of the changes before the contract is concluded.

Price changes after conclusion of the contract: In exceptional cases, it is possible that the agreed price may have to be increased. Price increases may arise for the following reasons:

a) subsequent increases in transport costs (including fuel surcharges)

b) newly introduced or increased government levies or fees (e.g. airport taxes, landing fees, embarkation and disembarkation fees, etc.)

c) changes in exchange rates

d) government-imposed price increases (e.g. value added tax)

If the costs of these travel services increase, they may be passed on to you. We will implement the price increase no later than 22 days before the start of the tour. 


Programme changes, changes in transport after your booking and before departure: We reserve the right, also in your interest, to change the travel programme or individual agreed services (such as accommodation, mode of transport, means of transport, etc.) if force majeure or an event that cannot be foreseen or averted despite all due care. We will endeavour to offer you equivalent replacement services. 


Your rights if the tour price is increased after conclusion of the contract or if changes are made to the programme or transport. If the change to the programme or the change to individual agreed services leads to a significant change to an essential point of the contract or if the price increase is more than 10%, you have the following rights:

a) You can accept the change to the contract.

b) You may cancel the contract in writing within 5 days of receiving our notification and will be reimbursed the price already paid without delay.

c) You can inform us in writing within 5 days of receiving our notification that you wish to take part in an equivalent alternative trip proposed by us.


If you do not inform us in accordance with letters b) or c), you agree to the change in price, programme or service. The 5-day deadline is deemed to have been met if you hand over your notification to Swiss Post on the 5th day.




A fixed minimum number of participants applies to the trips. If this number of participants is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the trip at the latest 22 days (for trips over 4 days) or 14 days (for trips up to 4 days) before the start of the trip. For day trips, the cancellation period is reduced to 1 day.

Mandatory reasons: If compelling reasons such as force majeure, natural disasters, unrest, strikes, government measures, epidemics, etc. make it considerably more difficult or impossible to carry out the trip safely, we will inform you of the cancellation as soon as possible.

Alternative trip: In both cases, we will endeavour to offer you an equivalent alternative trip. If you do not take part in this trip, the amounts paid will be refunded immediately. Further claims on your part are excluded.


If programme changes have to be made during the trip, we will endeavour to offer an equivalent replacement service/alternative. If the programme is objectively of reduced value as a result of the change, we will reimburse you for this. If unforeseen necessary changes to the programme result in additional costs because, through no fault of our own, no equivalent replacement service or equivalent return transport option is available and the measure is in the objective interest of the customer, these additional costs shall be borne by the customer. During the trip, the customer is only entitled to cancellation if a significant part of the agreed services cannot be provided and no suitable alternative can be offered or the customer refuses the replacement service for important reasons.



If you cancel the trip, the travel price cannot be refunded; any additional costs (e.g. return transport) shall be borne by you. If you have to cancel the trip for compelling reasons (illness, accident, etc.), our chauffeur/tour guide will help you organise your return journey. Only if you have to cancel your trip for compelling reasons will we reimburse you for those services that are not charged to us (less an appropriate handling fee).



If the journey does not comply with the contractual agreement or if you suffer damage, you are obliged to complain to our chauffeur/tour guide immediately about this defect or damage.

Remedy: The chauffeur/tour guide will endeavour to remedy the situation within a reasonable period of time during the trip. If no remedial action is taken, if remedial action is not possible or if it is inadequate, have the chauffeur/tour guide confirm the defects or damage complained about and the failure to take remedial action in writing. However, the latter is not entitled to recognise any claims for damages and the like. If you fail to make a complaint and provide written confirmation, we will no longer be able to deal with your complaints etc. after the end of the trip and you will lose any claims.

Making a claim: If you wish to make a claim against us for defects, refunds or compensation, you must submit your complaint to us in writing within 30 days of the actual end of the agreed trip. If you do not assert your claims within 30 days of the actual end of the agreed trip, all claims will be forfeited.



As the tour operator, Calanda Reisen is responsible for the content of this travel programme and is liable for the careful selection of service providers (hotels, etc.) and for the smooth execution of the trip. However, we are not liable for reduced performance due to force majeure, errors by service providers, strikes or fault on the part of the traveller. Liability relates exclusively to direct damage and is in any case limited to the agreed package price.



 A tip for particularly courteous service is always welcome. Tips for the chauffeur are not included in our prices.



The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Chur. Swiss law is applicable.

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