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Calanda Reisen undertakes to transport one person with a valid travel document for the route purchased in conjunction with Calanda Viaggi srl. The journey is carried out with buses of Calanda Reisen, Calanda Viaggi and third party companies.



Calanda Travel guarantees the information on the services of its line. The published timetables are subject to change, so you are obliged to request confirmation the day before departure by calling our office. The programme of all lines may also undergo reductions / intensifications / changes during the high season, such as Christmas, Easter and summer. The information is provided through the official timetable on the website, at the authorised sales points and through our offices on +41 (0)81 284 62 32.

The following information is available:

travelling conditions

Timetables, costs and current promotions;

Availability of services on board;

Changes to routes, cancellation of journeys, etc.;

Any interruptions or delays to the service;

Procedure for complaints, cancellation of tickets, refunds.


3.1 Obligations of the passenger

The passenger is obliged to

fulfil the travel requirements in the area of police, health, customs, administrative authorities, hygiene regulations, etc;

to carry a valid identity card (ID card or passport);

to check the data on the ticket as a precautionary measure (travel dates, time, departure and arrival points).

place of arrival:

to comply with the warnings, requests and regulations of the bus staff recorded for the safety and regularity of the service;

to remain seated while the bus is moving;

to observe the smoking ban on board the bus, both in the passenger compartment and in enclosed spaces (WC). This includes electronic cigarettes;

not to consume alcohol or, in general, substances that may affect their psychomotor skills;

to behave in accordance with the generally applicable rules of behaviour;

to respect the length of stay at rest areas;

use the necessary precautions and, as far as is in your power, check your safety and that of persons and luggage in your custody.

Passengers travelling with a child of compulsory seating age must equip themselves with a seat. This must be fastened with the bus seat belts. 


The transport of the following goods is strictly prohibited:

Dangerous goods, explosive or flammable materials;

Pets and other animals;

Liquids in general in the luggage;

In case of violation of these requirements, Calanda Reisen can legally refuse transport.

The company declines all liability for accidents suffered by passengers who have not complied with these requirements.


3.2 Exclusion of the passenger

The passenger will not be admitted to the journey and may be excluded during the journey itself, without the right to a refund of the price paid for the ticket, if he/she represents a danger to the safety of the bus line's operations and passengers or a serious disturbance to other passengers.


3.3 Damage caused by passengers

The passenger is liable to Calanda Reisen for any damage caused to the bus; in the event of wilful damage, Calanda Reisen reserves the right to lodge a complaint in accordance with the law.


3.4 Responsibility of the passenger

The passenger is responsible for ensuring that:

arriving at the departure point at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time, unless an even earlier arrival is expressly requested during the peak season;

checking the departure time at the offices;

keep the ticket in a safe place to avoid loss, destruction or theft;

they label their luggage with their details (surname, first name, place of departure and arrival, mobile and/or landline telephone number);

they check where their luggage is stowed when boarding the coach;

when alighting from the coach, they ensure that they take with them all items of luggage stored both in the passenger compartment and in the luggage compartment.

Any damage to luggage must be reported to the driver when disembarking so that responsibility can be checked with the driver.


ART. 4 Carriage of minors

Children under the age of 14 may not be accepted for carriage if they are not accompanied by an adult. For minors between the ages of 14 and 18, written authorisation must be issued by their parents or guardians (the form can be downloaded from the customer area on the website

The bus staff may ask the passenger to show valid identification.


ART. 5 Ticket

5.1 Initiation and purchase of the ticket

Passengers are only entitled to transport by Calanda Reisen if they are in possession of a valid ticket bearing their name, the date and time of departure. Deviations in the positions of ascent and/or descent or a reversal of the route are not permitted. The passenger therefore has no right to a transport service other than that indicated on the ticket.

The ticket can be used for a single journey, for a return journey or for a limited number of journeys. 

The ticket contains all the necessary information to define the content of the transport contract.

In the case of an online purchase or a purchase from a travel agency, the passenger is obliged, when purchasing the ticket, to immediately check the accuracy of the information on it before finalising the transaction, in particular with regard to the name given, the amount paid, the route, the date and time of departure, and to ensure that the applicable fare reduction (where provided) has been applied and that the price paid corresponds to the price shown on the ticket. 


5.2 Conditions of use


it must be presented when boarding the coach and upon request by the staff in the vehicle for inspection and validation;

it is valid for the specified day and journey;

it is only valid if it is whole and complete in all its parts;

tickets issued manually must contain the stamp if issued by a ticket office or the name of the staff if issued by the staff on board;

must be purchased from travel agencies with conventions or online;

only if seats are available, the ticket can be purchased on the coach by paying the amount due to the staff on board.


5.3 Non-usability of the ticket

The ticket cannot be used and the passenger is not entitled to carriage and cannot request continuation of the journey if

the ticket has been illegally sold or marketed;

the fare for the journey has not been paid or has only been partially paid;

the passenger does not have a valid identification document that certifies the identity of the person and the name on the ticket.


5.4 Regulation of the ticket in the vehicle

The passenger must be in possession of a valid ticket with the date and time of departure. If this is missing, the position must be settled by paying the ticket in cash at the normal price. Passengers in possession of a ticket purchased without the right to a fare reduction must pay the difference on the bus.  The passenger must pay all amounts due on the bus as described above.

If this is not the case and if it is not possible to identify the passenger, Calanda Reisen has the right to interrupt the journey and ask the passenger to leave the bus at the first suitable bus stop.

If necessary and where appropriate, the intervention of the police authorities may be requested. In the event of non-payment on board, the passenger is obliged, following identification, to pay the applicable ticket directly to the Calanda Reisen head office. The staff on board may request proof of identity and a signature on the post-payment form provided by the coach staff as a guarantee. The luggage will be kept as a guarantee by the staff on board until payment has been received. 


5.5 Theft - loss of the ticket

In the event of theft or loss of the ticket, travelling is only possible if a self-certification attesting to the loss or theft of the ticket is presented to the staff on board, together with a copy of a valid identity card.

In any case, information must be provided before departure by calling 0041 81 284 62 32. At the same time, a copy of the self-certification must be sent to the e-mail address:


5.6 Typology of the ticket

The ticket can be purchased for a single journey (one-way) for the outward and return journey and, in the case of promotions, for a series of journeys under conditions set by Calanda Reisen from time to time.

Tickets for return journeys on international and national lines cannot be issued without reference to the return date and are valid for a period not exceeding 2 months.


5.7 Change of departure date

Up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure time, the passenger may request a change of departure date at no additional cost by contacting our office on 0041 81 284 62 32 (active every day from 8.30 to 19.30). 

If the ticket was purchased from a web portal, the customer must contact the web portal directly. Possible additional costs may be added.

In all cases, it is necessary for the passenger to enter the ticket code and their name.

The date may only be changed once.


5.8 Refund of the ticket

If the passenger renounces the transport, he/she may request a refund in accordance with the procedures set out below.

The passenger has the right to a refund of the price paid for the unused transport service, with a deduction of 20% of the ticket and not less than CHF 20.

Tickets issued with special offers are non-refundable.

The refund request must be communicated within 48 hours before the planned departure by calling our office (tel. 0041 81 284 62 32) and sending the "Ticket Refund Request Form" (downloadable from the website by e-mail to Refund requests received after this date will not be accepted.

The request must be accompanied by a copy of the travel document for which a refund is requested. The passenger's name and the IBAN code of the bank account to which the refund is to be made must be stated on the document. If the above information is missing, the refund cannot be made.

In the presence of an "outward/return" ticket for which the refund is requested, the value of the refund will be the difference between the total cost of the outward/return ticket and the cost of the single ticket, less the above-mentioned penalty. 

Refunds are not authorised for lost or damaged tickets for which the date or time has been changed or for tickets purchased during promotions.

The ticket will be refunded within one month from the date of receipt of the request, except in cases where additional information is required.


ART. 6 Obligations and responsibilities of Calanda Reisen
6.1 Delays

Calanda Reisen is not responsible for delays or missed connections due to causes not attributable to the company and generally beyond its control (such as strikes, bad weather, mechanical breakdowns, traffic, road conditions, checks by the competent authorities, unforeseeable circumstances and force majeure).


6.2 Luggage stored in the passenger compartment

Calanda Reisen accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to travellers' luggage or other items, or for the theft or other loss of their luggage.


6.3 Luggage stored in the luggage room

Calanda Reisen is not liable for lost luggage and any valuables contained therein (e.g. money, securities, works of art, valuables and similar items) if the loss is due to the following:

Negligence of the passenger in attaching all data to the luggage as required under Art. 3.4

if the luggage was taken by another passenger although it contained the required data, as required by Art. 3.4

if the luggage has been forgotten by the passenger on the bus when descending.


6.4 Personal damage

Compliance with safety regulations

In accordance with current road traffic regulations, passengers must wear their seat belts throughout the journey. Please note that it is strictly forbidden to stand up or move around during the journey in order to ensure maximum safety on board.


Responsibility in case of accidents

Calanda Viaggi accepts no liability for accidents or falls resulting from travellers' failure to comply with road safety rules. It is essential that each traveller behaves in accordance with the law and complies with the rules established for their own safety and that of the other passengers.


Boarding and alighting from the bus

Please note that Calanda Viaggi accepts no responsibility for falls that may occur when boarding or alighting from the bus. All passengers are advised to pay the utmost attention during these phases and to take the necessary precautions and avoid behaviour that could increase the risk of accidents.


Calanda Viaggi remains committed to providing a safe and comfortable travelling environment and relies on the cooperation of all passengers to comply with the established safety regulations.


7.1 Luggage to be stowed in the passenger compartment

Passengers are authorised to stow hand luggage of a maximum size of 40x30x15 cm and a weight of up to 5 kg under their own responsibility and at their own risk under the seat in the bus. It is forbidden to stow luggage on the parcel shelf. This is only to be used for jackets and pillows.


7.2 Luggage to be stowed in the luggage compartment

Passengers also have the right to transport, at their own risk, two additional pieces of luggage of a maximum size of cm 170 (length + depth + width) free of charge and weighing no more than kg 15. 

Luggage exceeding this size is subject to a surcharge determined by the bus crew.  If the coach crew determines that the luggage compartment does not have sufficient space for oversized luggage, such a load may be refused.

Luggage must be stowed in the luggage compartment of the coach and labelled clearly and legibly with the passenger's name, address and telephone number, as required by Art. 3.4.


7.3 Excess baggage or oversize baggage

The possibility of carrying excess baggage or oversized baggage must be requested the day before departure and must be authorised by the same office.

The carriage of additional items of baggage not authorised by the office can only be accepted if space is available in the baggage hold.

This will be done on board against payment of an additional fee determined by the coach staff in consideration of the size and weight of the excess baggage. If the staff on board are of the opinion that it is not possible to carry the baggage, they may refuse to accept excess baggage or baggage that is too heavy.


7.4 Baggage contents and liability for damage

Travellers are prohibited from carrying items in their hand baggage that could cause damage. This applies to liquids in general, dangerous or harmful items and flammable goods. Calanda Reisen reserves the right to take legal action against the passenger for any damage caused to the bus or luggage of another passenger by the contents of their luggage. In the event of damage, the owner of the luggage is obliged to compensate the injured party. They are obliged to provide their personal details to the staff on board so that these can be passed on to the injured party.

Furthermore, it is forbidden to stow baggage in the hold that contains liquid fragile objects, money, securities, works of art, valuable objects and the like. Calanda Reisen is not liable for loss or damage if it is not objectively its responsibility.


7.5 Loss or mix-up of luggage and associated delivery costs

The passenger who has suffered the loss or mix-up of luggage stowed in the luggage compartment must report the loss or damage to the on-board staff upon arrival at the bus stop, under penalty of forfeiture.

In the event that the lost luggage is found, the cost of delivering it will be charged to the passenger if the luggage is not labelled with the data specified in Art. 3.4.

In the event that a Passenger misplaces a piece of luggage despite having provided all the required data in accordance with Article 3.4, the cost of redelivery shall be borne by the Passenger who took the luggage of another person.  In this case, the passenger is obliged to contact our offices (tel. 0041 81 284 62 32 or e-mail: to report the inadvertent mix-up. The passenger must also send the luggage to the legitimate owner by express courier.

If the passenger has mixed up his luggage with that of another person and both were not labelled with the data specified in article 3.4, the cost of returning the luggage will be borne by the person who took it without checking the contents to ensure that it is his property. The return of luggage forgotten on the coach is always at the expense of the passenger who took the wrong luggage. The return modalities can be agreed with Calanda Reisen.


7.6 Damage to or loss of luggage

The passenger who has suffered damage or loss of luggage is obliged, in the absence of immediate resolution of the problem with the staff on board, to formalise the incident with Calanda Reisen and send the corresponding "Damage/Loss Form" (can be downloaded from the website in the customer area) within 2 days of the date of travel and no later via the e-mail address Reports received after this deadline cannot be considered. 

In the event of loss or damage, the maximum amount compensated by Calanda Reisen is CHF 100 (cash) or CHF 200 (Calanda Reisen tickets).



Passengers may not carry pets, whether living or not. This does not apply to guide dogs for blind passengers. In this case, the passenger is responsible for the supervision of the animal for the entire duration of the journey. The passenger also assumes sole liability for any damage to persons or property caused by the pet. In any case, it is not permitted to occupy a seat by parking the transport device: the seat is intended exclusively for the passenger. The transport of guide dogs must be notified to our office when registering/purchasing the ticket. Should the animal disturb another passenger (allergy problems, etc.), the passenger and his/her animal are obliged to move to another available seat on the bus at the instruction of the staff on board. The full fare applies when transporting the animal.



The passenger may submit advice or complaints on the following website:

The right to make complaints and/or comments about actions arising from these travel conditions is limited exclusively to the passenger who is in possession of a valid ticket. The code of the ticket must be stated in the complaint. The latter must be submitted within 5 days of the date of departure and no later.

Calanda Reisen may ask the passenger for a copy of the original documentation which the passenger attaches to the complaint.

Within a maximum period of three months after receipt of the complaint, Calanda Reisen will provide the substantiated and definitive result of its investigation.



The passenger may request an invoice within 24 hours of the date of purchase to the following e-mail address ( All personal data must be provided. A copy of the ticket must be enclosed with the request. The invoice will be sent in electronic format to the address provided by the passenger.


Art. 11 TIPS

A tip for particularly courteous service is always welcome. Tips for the chauffeur are not included in our prices.



The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Chur. Swiss law is applicable.

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